Rolex Concorde Ad.jpg

Rolex "Concorde" GMT-Master 1675 in 18k Gold

The Rolex GMT-Master was originally designed for Pan Am pilots in the 1950s and continues to be a flagship model for Rolex to this day. The present watch is an exceptionally preserved and unpolished example of a GMT-Master in 18k gold with extremely rare straight hour and minute hands nicknamed the "Concorde" due to its appearance in a Rolex advertisement about Concorde pilots from the late 1960s. I believe one special characteristic those watches that are original have versus those where people have swapped the hour and minute hands recently is that the minute hand is extremely thin on the real ones and is also very thin in the original Rolex advertisement, whereas many I see today have thick minute hands. This watch was purchased from a pawn shop in Virginia loaded with dirt that I cleaned with Q-Tips before I had the watch serviced, I believe for the first time since it left the Rolex factory. 

It is the nicest Concorde I have had the pleasure of seeing, and one of the nicest and most honest gold sport vintage Rolex watches I have seen. The beautiful bevels on the edge of the case and perfectly faded bezel insert get me excited each time I see this watch. It includes a bracelet that is from the period, but not original to the watch as it was found as head only and I suspect was not originally born on a bracelet due to the lack of any scratches between the lugs. The watch wears very well on a strap, otherwise, and I would be happy to provide one with the watch.