Zenith El Primero A3818 "Covergirl"

The Zenith El Primero A3818 is one of the most desirable vintage Zenith models and has received the nickname "Covergirl" since it is the cover watch of the Zenith book by Manfred Rössler. The present watch includes Extract from the Archives of Zenith confirming its production in 1971 and remains unpolished and in beautiful condition.

I was smitten with this watch as soon as I saw it as I see very few of these having looked for them for years and many I see have polished cases and dials where the sensitive blue metallic paint starts to peel or discolor. This one has a perfect dial and spectacular case. The only minor issue is that it has a slightly newer crown. I paid over $17,000 for this watch at auction in May in Geneva as it was one of the nicest I have ever seen and I consider this a "holy grail" Zenith.